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Benefits of Dhani OneFreedom

Dhani OneFreedom Card

  • Get up to 5 lacs @ 0% interest
  • Shop Now, Pay Later in 3 easy interest-free payments
  • No bank mandate required
  • Up to 50% off on every medicine order
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Take advantage of Dhani OneFreedom card’s ₹ 5 lakh credit line and get an instant online credit loan on the go! No paperwork, no waiting, tons of rewards, discounts, guaranteed cashback, and access to expert medical advice 24x7. One card, a world of benefits. Apply for credit online on the Dhani app today!

Benefits of

Instant Money

Get credit up to ₹ 5 lacs at 0% interest instantly

Pay in 3 Easy EMI

Use your credit line as per your needs and pay back in 3 easy interest-free payments

No Bank Mandate Required

We never debit anything directly from your bank

Exciting Cashbacks

2% cashback on all spends

No Processing Fee & Other Charges

Flat monthly fee with no additional charges

Free Dhani RuPay Card

Get your own Dhani card which is accepted at all merchants

Unlimited Access to Doctors

Get access to quality healthcare 24x7

Get new deals & offers every week.

Exciting additional discounts on your favourite brands!

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More than 3 crore + customers use Dhani app

Pramod Nakti

I was always worried about the lengthy procedures, hidden charges, and exhausting paperwork. But, Dhani OneFreedom with its feature of 3 Interest-Free payments made my life very easy and stress-free. Highly recommended!

Devashish Daryani

Whenever I used to shop earlier, I always use to keep checking my spend limit! Now, with Dhani OneFreedom, I receive cashbacks on each and every spend. My finances are sorted, thanks to Dhani!

Aniket Ghule

With Dhani OneFreedom, my credit was sanctioned at 0% Interest. The process was instant, easy, and paperless. If you are looking for instant credit at a 0 processing fee, go for Dhani OneFreedom!

Swapnali Jalgoankar

When my family had a medical emergency last month, there were no doctors available at odd hours. Dhani OneFreedom proved to be a saviour! We got instant online access to the doctor! Plus, all my medicines were home-delivered for free. Very satisfied with the services.

Get started
Download the Dhani app
Click on OneFreedom tab
Apply using Aadhaar or Document upload
Activate your OneFreedom card & start spending!


Dhani OneFreedom gives you Freedom from interest & Freedom from health worries. A single product with a unique offering of 0% interest Credit Line and unlimited & instant access to doctors:
  • 0% interest instant Credit Line facility of up to 5 lakhs to maximize your purchases using the Dhani Rupay card or on Dhani app
  • Unlimited & Instant access to Doctors
  • Free dhani Rupay Card
  • Instant Cashbacks on all your transactions
You can avail Dhani OneFreedom benefits, such as 0% interest instant credit line in a few simple steps.
  1. Visit the app and click the Dhani OneFreedom tile.
  2. Provide your basic details such as PAN, date of birth, current income etc for instant approval
  3. Perform online Aadhaar based KYC or upload KYC documents
  4. Select subscription plan and accept terms and conditions
  5. Set-up mandate for monthly subscription fee deduction as well as loan emi deduction. Mandate can be set-up using Netbanking, Debit Card, Aadhaar Number or Physical download method as supported by different banks
Dhani OneFreedom card is a unique offering of the Dhani app which provides its users the dual benefit of freedom from interest rates & health concerns. With the Dhani credit line, you can avail an online credit of up to ₹ 5 lakh at a 0% interest rate and unlimited access to doctors 24 hours a day, by simply paying a fixed nominal fee every month.
Using the Dhani app, you can apply for credit online and avail an instant credit line along with a stylish and versatile Dhani OneFreedom card. You will be able to use this card as a debit/credit card anywhere for making online payments. With a personal line of credit of up to ₹ 5 lakh, you can repay later in easy and fixed EMIs.
You can use the Dhani OneFreedom instant credit line card across 1 crore+ Merchants; at any online platform, retail outlet, restaurant, or petrol pump where Rupay cards are accepted.
To start availing the online credit loan facility instantly, download the Dhani App, select Dhani OneFreedom, provide your basic details, perform an online KYC, and you’re all set!
You can securely apply for credit online on the Dhani App. The OneFreedom card is completely safe to use to avail an instant credit line. Dhani will disburse your personal line of credit loan instantly!
A credit line allows you to make purchases and repay them later in installments. Dhani offers a personal line of credit of up to ₹ 5 lakh and exciting cashback and rewards on all spends.
You can apply for credit online simply by logging on to the Dhani app and filling out your details. Dhani OneFreedom card’s online credit loan process is fast and paperless.
You cannot withdraw cash from your Dhani OneFreedom card but you can transfer any amount into your bank account.
You can cancel your subscription through the app by choosing the “Cancel” option. Your cancellation will be effective immediately and all your OneFreedom benefits will be deactivated immediately. You may choose to reactivate your OneFreedom plan anytime before your next billing date for free, or by paying the subscription fee after the billing date is passed. Please note that OneFreedom plan cannot be deactivated if you have performed transactions using your Credit Line or your OneFreedom card has balance outstanding.
You will have the option to upgrade or downgrade your credit line depending on the OneFreedom plan you are currently availing and plans offered to you
Your billing cycle will be 1 month from the day your OneFreedom plan gets activated and your first payment is deducted. E.g. if your plan gets activated on 19th Oct and your first subscription fee is deducted on 20th Oct then your billing cycle will be 20th of every month. Please note, billing cycles may change if you cancel your subscription and reactivate them
All the transactions you perform using Dhani OneFreedom are split into three interest-free EMIs. The 1st EMI is to be paid on the next day of doing the transaction, the 2nd EMI on the 30th day and the 3rd EMI on the 60th Day. The EMIs are not deducted automatically from your bank account, as Dhani trusts its customers to pay back their dues by using the app themselves. Ergo, no bank mandate is required when you apply for a Dhani OneFreedom card.
You can view all the transactions relating to your OneFreedom credit line on the Dhani app in the OneFreedom section by tapping on View Details option.
Yes, you can foreclose your loan associated with the Dhani OneFreedom credit line. Foreclosure related T&Cs will applyly
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