Invite and Earn more than Rs.10,000 per month without any investment.

How will you earn?

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    Click on ‘Products’ and choose a product that you will like to recommend to your friends

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    Read & Understand the product benefits to explain it to your friends

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    Click ‘Refer Now’ and share the product features with your friends on Whatsapp and Facebook

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    Copy product features and your unique referral link and share on YouTube or your own blog

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    Every time anyone clicks on your referral link & subscribes to any product.

You can track your earnings on the ‘Earnings’ Tab

Tips to earn more every month

  • Subscribe for dhani products yourself to understand its benefits. When you understand the product better, you’ll be able to refer and earn it in a better manner.
  • Identify and approach friends who can be potential dhani product/service users.
  • Help your friends in understanding dhani products before and after they make their purchase.
  • Recommend multiple dhani products to secure a healthy recurring referral income.
  • Use all platforms – Whats app, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Blog, Website etc. to share your recommended products
  • And most importantly, remind your friend to renew their subscription on time, every month

Why become a dhani dost?


Zero investment


Earn Anytime, Anywhere


Transfer all your earnings to bank account instantly.

Unlimited Possibilities: Bigger referrals can help you earn earn higher every month

Who to invite?






Social media contacts & followers


  • Referral income will be paid to your dhani Wallet, whenever your referred friend takes a dhani subscription or makes a renewal payment.
  • You can transfer the amount from your wallet to your bank account if you are a Full KYC user. If not, subscribe to our Super Saver Plan to become a Full KYC User.
  • Alternatively, you can write to us at for any support.
  • Click the Earnings Tab, in the dhani dost section
  • We maintain a transparent digital record of all your referrals & earnings.
  • You can view the list of referral/renewal names, mobile numbers, payment amounts, and renewal dates
  • You can also remind your referrals to complete their subscriptions or renew existing subscriptions with just 1 click

The friend who has referred first takes precedence. So start referring immediately to reach people before anyone else.

The Status in the dhani dost keeps you updated with the current status of your referrals. There are 3 status –

  • N/A– This means that your friend logged into the app and mapping was made using your referral link, but was not eligible since the user already has a paid (one time atleast) subscription (SS,DD,DOF).
  • Pending– This means that your friend has logged into the app and mapping was made using your referral link, but has not subscribed to any one of the three yet.
  • Registered– This means that your friend has subscribed to any/ all of the 5 subscription products and you will get referral amount in your dhani wallet when your friend pays the subscription amount.


Dhani’s  Free Cashback Card to your friends

Assured 2% cashback on everything, every time and every day – both online and offline.
  • Shop across 30 Lakhs+ Rupay online and offline merchants
  • Assured 2% cashback on everything, every time and everyday
  • No limits and No conditions
  • No hidden charges
  • Contactless card
  • Get a digital and a physical card

Subscription Plans Start: 150/month to 300/month

Your potential earnings for every referral – Rs. 720/year

Why will someone opt for dhani? Well here are some reasons that you can use to convince anyone!

Dhani offerings such as Free Cashback Card, Super Saver Card, Health Cashback Card, etc. helps one earn a flat 2% – 5% cashback on all spends, across 30 lac+ online and offline merchants. So be it your visit to the petrol pump or the grocery store, whether you are ordering food online or are visiting the mall to catch the latest flick – make all your payments through any dhani card and be sure of receiving a minimum 2% cashback on every transaction!

Our Cashback Card is FREE…FOR A LIFETIME. Yes, you read that right. Unlike other cards where people pay a monthly/annual feel, our Cashback Card is absolutely FREE for LIFE and comes with ZERO additional charges. One never has to pay money for using it.

It is extremely safe to use – All dhani cards are secured with PCI-DSS technology and provide the highest level of safety for making payments anywhere.

Why wait, refer and earn handsomely by becoming a part of one of the best referral programs in India.

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